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Acne Treatment


Before undergoing any acne scar treatments, you first need to treat any active acne. It doesn’t make any sense to treat acne scarring if the acne is still occurring, so we strongly recommend a visit to the dermatologist. Even though over the counter topical treatments do work, the prescription drugs work much better and a dermatologist can determine whether you need oral antibiotics for a period of time along with topical antibiotics and/or keratolytics.

The eCO2 Laser resurfacing involves the use of a laser to remove skin so new skin can form in its place. This is a relatively new procedure and results can vary. Theoretically, laser resurfacing is promising because the penetration depth into the skin is more easily controlled with a laser than with other methods. The procedure involves passing the laser over the treatment area 1-3 times and can take just a few minutes for small areas or an hour or more for large areas. Local anesthesia is used.

A week after the initial non-ablative treatment, you’ll begin seeing collagen remodeling which continues for about three months. Treatment may be repeated after 5 to 6 months.

How Much Does it cost?

$1500-$2000 per treatment
• May be repeated after 6 months

Does Treatment Hurt?

Pain is minimal. Generally my patients find the pain associated with acne scar treatment quite tolerable. While each person is different, and has their own threshold for pain, laser treatment is usually well-handled. Also, in our practice, we find that male patients usually have a lower threshold for pain than females.

Recovery Times

Generally we find the recovery time for laser treatment to be minimal. Following treatment there may be some redness and some swelling for a few days, which will usually then subside.

A note on laser treatment:

Accutane can be a miracle cure for acne, but we don’t laser people typically within six months of having Accutane. The reason for this is that Accutane can cause increased scarring from any kind of injury or trauma and laser can be viewed by the skin as a type of injury.

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