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Bridal Essentials


Custom Wedding Packages  

 ”We’ll Make Healthy Skin You’re Best Accessory…
...On Your Wedding Day!”


At Lamont Tanning  & Skincare we can help perfected the art of custom tailoring a skincare regimen for our brides and grooms to be.

Six months prior to your wedding is the optimal time to start your skin care regimen although it is never too late to achieve a wedding day glow.


Step 1: Consultation

Six months prior is the optimal time to start a skincare regimen for flawless skin by your wedding day. In the consultation process we will work with your goals in mind towards planning out a personalized Skin Care Plan, and a unique individualized facial rejuvenation and skin care regimen.

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Step 2:  Begin a Home Care Regimen

This is the most important step to achieving healthy skin, and it all starts with you at home!
We will start you on a customized product line suited for your skin type. Our top of the line skin care products, both cosmeseutical and pharmaceutical grade, help with many skin problems. Whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, or deal with deeper skin problems such as acne, rosacea, or sunspots, we have the right skin care system for you, giving you your overall best result.

Step 3 : Starting your Treatments

After the consultation you will begin starting the treatments that you and your clinician have planned.  A Facial, Micropeels or Chemical Peels  are just a few of the treatments that we work with in this process and are procedures that almost anyone can benefit from.

Step 4: 3 Month Evaluation

As your skin improves and changes over the first couple of months there may be a few things we need to adjust. During the 3 month evaluation we may find that we need to change out a product or adjust the time in between treatments. This is normal and is a sign of your skin getting healthy.

Step 5: Your Wedding Day!

One week to two days prior to your wedding is when you should have your final treatments. Healthy skin with a radiant glow, as you walk down the aisle with confidence both inside and out! Flawless Skin for your wedding pictures, your bride or groom, your friends and family, and most importantly you! Congratulations on your Wedding Day!

Don’t forget about your Decolletage!

The Obagi Elastiderm Decolletage’ System is a revolutionary skincare system designed to reduce age spots, hyperpigmentation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the delicate chest and neck area (Also known as the decolletage). The system includes a Restorative Elasticity Complex which not only helps replenish elasticity but also helps stimulate the production of collagen for improved strength and resiliency. The Skin Lightening Complex works to correct, restore and maintain the radiant, youthful glow of decolletage skin.




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