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Laser Hair Removal




Looking for a better solution for removal of unwanted hair? Lamont Tanning & Skincare offers safe, comfortable and cost-effective laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal - the use of laser light beams for epilation, or removal of hair by disabling the hair producing function of the follicle beneath the skin.  Laser hair removal has become a preferred hair removal procedure and offers much promise for effective results for removal of unwanted hair.

TAC (triple anesthetic cream) – a very special cream sometimes prescribed by Dr. Rezaei as an extra measure of comfort for laser hair removal in sensitive areas.

EYEBROW HAIR REMOVAL: Universally both women and men experience embarrassing unwanted hair between the eyebrows, which is also known as “uni-brow.” Tweezing is time consuming and eyebrow waxing can be painful, leaving your skin bright red for hours following treatment. With eyebrow laser hair removal you will never have to worry about connecting eyebrows again!  Please note that laser eyebrow hair removal is not amenable to eyebrow shaping or eyebrow sculpting the eyebrow.

ARM HAIR REMOVAL: Are you bothered by the presence of dark arm hair? An abundance of dark unwanted hair on the arms can be embarrassing. At Ideal Image, our experienced laser practitioners, using state of the art cosmetic lasers can easily treat unwanted arm hair. This is certainly true of patients who have unusually thick or dark arm hair also known as terminal hair. Ideal Image has a variety of different FDA-approved lasers allowing us to customize our treatment to work with your hair and skin color. Treatments are quick and virtually painless. This procedure can usually be performed over a lunch break.

UNDERARM HAIR REMOVAL: Repeatedly shaving the underarms makes the area prone to ingrown hairs, cysts and razor burn. Laser hair removal by Ideal Image is the solution for unwanted hair. First the hair is destroyed from underneath the skin, and sheds out completely. Afterwards the pores in the skin close, leaving only smooth sexy skin. No more shaving, waxing, ingrown hairs, razor burns and no more “5 O’clock shadow.” Treating the underarms literally only takes minutes and you can get started with your first treatment on the day you purchase!

LEG HAIR REMOVAL: No More Waxing, No More Shaving, Just Smooth Legs!
Imagine never having to pack your razor for the quick weekend getaway, never worrying about annoying leg hair stubble, and no more painful nicks in the shower when shaving your legs. Additionally, laser hair removal of the legs can save as much as 1 hour per week, which would normally be wasted shaving. That’s 52 hours per year!

BIKINI  HAIR REMOVAL: Want to feel best in your bikini? It’s hard enough to feel confident in a bathing suit without the added stress of worrying about embarrassing shaving bumps or stray bikini hairs. We offer a laser version of the full Brazilian bikini. This area is one of the easiest and fastest areas to treat, with most of these laser procedures being completed in just 20 minutes. Dr. Rezaei can remove as little or as much hair as you wish, while paying particular attention to your comfort.

Are men having it done?  

The full male Brazilian is becoming more in style every year. Although for most men the back, chest and abs are the most popular areas.



How much does it cost?   The cost of bikini laser hair removal or Brazilian laser hair removal is all dependent upon how much hair is removed from the area. We can remove hair from any area of the body, but everyone is a little bit different. It’s important to come into our Salon for a Complimentary Consultation and discuss exactly what your needs are. We will customize a package just for you.


How many treatment sessions will I need?

We recommend 6 treatments to effectively treat all hair follicles.  Majority of our clients will never need any additional treatments; however, we would like to insure you stay completely satisfied long after your treatments are completed.

Can anyone have it done?
As with all laser hair removal treatments, blond, gray and red hair does not respond since the laser targets melanin, the pigment in the hair follicle.

Is it a Permanent Solution? 
The effectiveness of laser hair removal depends on the characteristics of the individual. Skin type, hair type and pigment are all factors that can determine the outcome for a person. Our guests come to us with a wide array of skin types, hair types and hair problems, but the commonality is their desire for hair removal. Based on these individual factors, it is our job to determine the best choice of laser and best treatment plan that will produce the most desirable results.
Can we treat people with darker skin color?
Yes, we have two distinct lasers: one for lighter skin, and one for darker skin. No matter how dark the skin, our Gentle YAG laser is considered the gold standard for treating unwanted hair on darker skin types. Its longer wavelength safely bypasses the skin and targets the melanin in the hair shaft, destroying the unwanted hair follicle or root. You will love your result.
What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal?
There are many factors that influence the cost. Treatment costs vary with the size of the area treated, hair type and skin type. Cost of removing hair with a laser can also be dependent upon the number of treatments that we believe will be needed. Generally, laser hair removal can have less overall cost than the alternative electrolysis or repeated waxing. At LAMONT TANNING & SKINCARE we have developed a cost structure that includes the following:
♦ Complimentary Consultation    
♦ Treatment Package Plans
♦ Upfront Pricing     


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