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At Lamont Tanning and Skincare, we recognize that your skin is unique. Every one of our treatments begins on the foundation of a detailed assessment of your skin itself, and the skincare goals that are most important to you. From there, we design and administer a fully customized facial treatment to refine, repair, and rejuvenate your skin to maximum effect. Our Aesthetician employs full extraction techniques to alleviate clogged pores and treat acne-prone skin, anti-aging protocols to reverse skin damage. Through the incorporation of prescription products and medical-grade devices, we can provide our clients with results-oriented quality. Your skin will amaze you!

Our facials range in price from $60 to $120.

Skin Ceuticals Acne Treatment
This treatment, designed for acne-prone skin, including a calming masque and lymphatic drainage as well as corrective products that are ideal for the treatment of acne of  face, chest, or back.
Skin Ceuticals Deep Pore-Cleansing Acne Facial
This facial is perfect for any client experiencing congested pores, including those with teenaged skin. The combination of products helps to reduce oil without drying and gives the skin the hydration it needs. Botanicals in the phyto Corrective Gel are anti-bacterial, while the clarifying clay masque draws out impurities and oils that can be harmful to the skin and clog pores.
Skin Ceuticals Refining Treatment
This treatment is designed specifically for men who suffer from ingrown hairs brought about by shaving. The treatment can also be used on neck, chest, arms, back or legs. This treatment is good for all skin types.
Men’s Facial
Tailored Specially for your skincare needs, this facial includes a deep pore scrub with steam, purifying enzymes and extractions. A relaxing massage of the face, neck & shoulders. With a customize mask will leave you feeling totally refreshes.
Teen-Clean Facial
This purifying treatment helps clear away impurities and surface pore blockage. It includes a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, purifying mask and moisturizer along with simple skin care education to help get you on your way to healthy glowing skin.








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